This Is Where Peace Begins

"Our mission is to change the world and bring peace with words. We give the world a new message and let it speak for itself. We highlight the unique, inspiring elements in the message to show the world a new perspective.

This message is for people of all beliefs. It is the one thing upon which we all agree. This message bonds us together, and this is where peace begins. Help elevate the world toward peace and share the new message with the world."

Golden Heart

"The wait is over. Introduce Epiphany to the people, and with this message, we will unite nations and guide the world to global peace."

How well do we understand our existence, from the beginning to the end, who we are, why we are here, and why we exist?

Epiphany explains the elevated life cycle. Life flows seamlessly from one phase to the next in the way a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. Epiphany begins with the creation of life, through the evolution of life, and then the transition into another life. This life cycle is a natural process that complements both current and future science.

For centuries, the world has been waiting for clarity in understanding our existence. Now that we know our true purpose, there are no more conflicts between beliefs, and we live in peace. How soon depends upon how we embrace the new message and our efforts to share this message with the world.

The Path to Peace

Today, a new path will unite nations and guide the world toward global peace. To feel the pulse of the people, El took his message on the road, through cities, towns, and rough neighborhoods with gang-infested streets. Read by people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, rich and poor, bikers in bars, the homeless, and men playing chess in the park.

El traveled to many colleges and universities, where he spoke with students and professors. He also took his new message to numerous houses of worship, where he talked with clergy and laypeople of varying beliefs who now believe in this message. They hold Epiphany in the highest esteem as a beautiful message they see as true. This is the new message for the world.

To attain peace, introduce the new message into every corner of every nation. When given the new message, people of various religions and ideologies recognize it as more credible than their own beliefs and eventually acquiesce. This new message elevates and supersedes current beliefs, thus rendering regressive ideologies obsolete.

As this message traverses the globe, the world as we know it will cease to exist. Every country will believe in the new ideology, and there will be peace. Accept this gift and prevail upon allied nations to advocate for the new message around the globe until current ideologies ameliorate. We can change the world, and with this message, we will lead the world into a new era.

Instructions for World Peace

First, there needs to be a fundamental shift in ideology, and the message of Epiphany is that fundamental shift. Visit the Gallery to download, print, and distribute the new message to the people.

1. Make this message your own. Hold group discussions, link to this website, and start your own website to promote the new message. Study the message, memorize the message, and teach the message. Know the message by heart and introduce the new message to your colleagues, family, and friends. Be a messenger for the new message. Tell them this is the update for all the old messages, let the new message speak for itself, and let those who listen interpret its meaning. Epiphany is a unifying message for all people. Link the new message to social media networks and post the new message on your website.

2. Talk to people. Engage in dialogue and expand dialogue into public spaces, schools, colleges, and universities. As the conversation progresses, people will naturally gravitate toward the life-cycle element in the new message as the most practical explanation of our existence.

3. Develop marketing and promotional campaigns to promote the new message. Collaborate with the media, reporters, and various radio and television outlets. Outline your efforts to share this message and publish articles about it. Work with public relations firms and commercial production houses. Produce commercials and PSAs (public service announcements). Design billboards, consult with event planners, and engage local celebrities.

4. Point out the unique and inspiring characteristics of the new message. Inspire your contemporaries and acquaintances. Inspire everyone; you will be loved and revered for enlightening the world to a different perspective.

5. Recruit teachers and volunteers. Go nationwide, educate the people, and gain their support. Teach the message in school classrooms and develop local universal education programs that emphasize the practical and realistic elements of the new message. Engage in worldwide education.

6. People in every country and every language need to hear this message. So, launch a global campaign and implement a focused, honest, creative, and artistic strategy with simplicity at its heart. We need operations that can successfully adapt to different cultures and interact with groups around the globe to direct them toward a new path for peace. 

7. Advocate for world peace to stop violence against children because children are the most vulnerable victims. The new message saves lives by reducing conflicts rooted in differences of belief.

8. We are in a worldwide war, and to end this war, we need something everyone will believe. All you have to do is share the new message with the world. Give this message to your enemy, and now you and your enemy share the same belief—this is how peace begins.

9. Give this message to people who can develop strategies to disseminate information to various agencies worldwide. These agencies will, in turn, disperse the new message to their resources on the ground for distribution.

10. Women's organizations' commitment to world peace and international partnership is essential. These organizations serve as powerful symbols of world peace. Through this new message, they will forge a new path toward peace. With the vast footprint of sororities and women's groups, we can profoundly impact this planet.

"Imagine... to change the world and bring world peace. The sooner we start, the quicker we get there. A new future awaits us."

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