This Is For Future Generations

We have awakened. The future is filled with intellectually evolved ideologies and civilizations that abandoned the worlds of mythology and superstition long ago.

We are a race of humans traversing galaxies in search of our creator.

We live in peace. There are no divisions amongst humankind, no categories, man-made or otherwise. We live under the same umbrella and have dropped the veil of religion. All of the veils are lost, and now we see the truth. We live in a natural reality. When all there is to know is known, the truth is evident for all to see. This is the final Epiphany. This is the Epiphany of future generations.


We were created by this universe. This universe is a tool of our creation. This planet was placed here in this galaxy to give birth to life and this life is an extension of the universe and it is our innate nature that drives us to find our creator.

As the search for our creator continues, we evolve. And then one day our descendants will come face to face with our creator and our creator will teach us how to create and then we will become creators and we will create universes.

This is my epiphany

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