do you believe in reality are you a realist atheist nonbeliever  Perhaps there is a more intelligent explanation beyond religion and atheist theories. Theists believe that a supernatural God created life. In contrast, atheists believe that life evolved from inorganic elements accidentally colliding. The problem is that both theories ignore the laws of nature, and the models described here are not observable in nature. For example, no one has combined non-living materials or breathed air into the dirt to bring life into existence.
We need theories that adhere to natural law and reference events observable in nature. Therefore, study nature and then extrapolate to develop ideas that complement nature.
The answer to how life comes into existence is neither a secret nor a mystery. Life is everywhere on this planet, and we see it every day. Every life has a parent from which it originates.

Life begins through conception and birth; therefore, we extrapolate that this planet is the seed from which life grows. And another entity is the source from which life on this planet originates. This other entity is the parent of life on this planet. Born of this world, we are left alone to flourish and evolve.

"We are like tadpoles in a pond. We are the tadpoles, and the universe is our pond."

We don't need to invent bizarre theories to explain how life begins. Life does not come from inanimate objects or supernatural beings. Instead, life originating from a natural entity explains our existence within the realm of nature.

Which of the following scenarios is most likely to elicit a logical explanation of our existence?

A. Inanimate, non-living, inorganic matter begat life.
B. God created the heavens and the earth.
C. We were conceived by our parents.


The Nothing Theory:

"A frog lays some eggs and then leaves. A few days later, the eggs begin to hatch. After several weeks, the tadpoles look around and contemplate their existence. Then the tadpoles said, 'Our existence is an accident; we are here by mistake.'"

Many atheists rely on the Nothing Theory because they have been traumatized and emotionally scarred by theists and their theistic ideology. However, repeating the mantra, "There is nothing, we are nothing, we come from nothing, we will be nothing, and when we die, there is nothing," isn’t good enough. The Nothing Theory is a tedious hypothesis that closes the mind and inspires no one. At best, the Nothing Theory is boring, lazy, has no vision, and lacks imagination.

Atheists react to theistic theories without offering any inspiring ideas of their own. Atheists need a better argument, original ideas, and ingenious theories. Moreover, other innovative, intelligent choices make more sense.

It is incomprehensible that we exist and evolve for no apparent reason. If our existence has no purpose, we could stay the same and die the same, generation after generation. But we are evolving into something; we just don’t know what it is yet.

"We are the caterpillars who do not know they will become butterflies."

If you subscribe to the Nothing Theory, you most likely presume that we are the most knowledgeable beings in the universe. And that nothing or no one is more intelligent than us. This way of thinking brings us back to the "We are the center of the universe" mentality, and we all know what happened to that idea.



Most realists consider themselves above ordinary, intelligent, and logical people looking for an explanation that makes sense. But, for the moment, let us assume that things are happening out there in the universe that we know absolutely nothing about and cannot comprehend. So let's investigate further to see if we can uncover an acceptable explanation for our existence:

When a flash of lightning strikes through the sky, we could say, "Lightning bolts evolve from warm air (containing positive droplets) colliding with cold air (of negative crystals). And as a result, a massive electrostatic discharge is triggered." Or, we can simply say, "That cloud created lightning." Evolved or created, it makes no difference, as long as it"s explained as a natural process. Evolution and creation are synergistic. We were created to evolve.

We were created by something unknowable and inconceivable. Moreover, this "something" has never been written in any books, scrolls, or texts.

When we say, "We were not created, we evolved," we deny that life is created, as people see life being created all around them. This argument will not persuade most people; instead, we must establish a new theory of creation. The question is not whether we were created but how. We must embrace the parenting model to win this debate and redefine creation and the creator.



"Our creator is not a magical being with supernatural powers who needs to be worshiped; our creator is the natural parent of all life on this planet."

Some people get anxious when they hear the word "creator." They confuse "creator" (lowercase c) with "Creator" (uppercase C). These are two different words with two distinct meanings: "creator" refers to something or someone that brings something into being, whereas "Creator" refers to The Creator/God1. Our creator is an unknown entity. As a result, the "parent entity" is now included in the definitions of "creator" and "Creator." Both "creator" and "Creator" now refer to the parent entity.

If someone says, "We were created," reply, "Yes, we were; we were created to evolve." Our creator is unknowable and inconceivable. There are no written texts or spoken words that describe our creator, as our creator is enigmatic and ineffable. Although we have no concept of our creator, we know that our creation is a natural process.

Speak in simple terms and use "creator" instead of "parent entity." You win people over when you give them an alternative that is palatable to their ears.

Magic does not exist. Creation is not a magical process, and magical deities are not real. With both creation and evolution on your side, the only task from this day forward is to teach people who believe in the supernatural and miracles that magic is not real. We must assist them in realizing and understanding that magic is no longer necessary to explain things we cannot comprehend.

Our creator is natural, and creation is a natural process. We were created to evolve. We do not know who our creator is. However, we know that our creator is not a "supernatural being" endowed with magical powers.

Where is our creator? Who sowed the seed? We don't know, but one day we will. There are concepts that we do not understand and constructs to be discovered. So keep an open mind to new possibilities. A great adventure awaits us.


The problem is that current theories are not observable. The Nothing Theory is a naïve, futile attempt that requires no thought and is designed for people with mind-numbing vision. With its bleak prognosis, the theory of nothing will never inspire anyone.

With fresh, novel ideas that conform to the laws of nature, and intelligent people to construct competent answers, we extrapolate from what is known to what is unknown.

Supernatural beings and inorganic objects do not create life. But instead, life is created by being born of this mother planet. We are here to nurture this world and to grow.

Little Jamir asked his dad, “Dad, how did life begin?” His father replied, “Well, Jamir… This planet had a boyfriend, got pregnant, and gave birth to all the life that’s on it. We just don’t know who the father is.”

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