Introduce the new message into every corner of every nation. First, visit the Gallery to download and print handouts of Epiphany. Then, distribute the new message to everyone, including family and friends.

The To-Do List:
  • Be an advocate for the new message and share the new message with the world.
  • Launch a campaign to promote the new message. Utilize social media channels to market and advertise the new message.
  • Employ public relations professionals, as well as marketing and promotion agencies, to publicize the message.
  • Acquire funding to develop and start your own enterprise and implement a strategy to disseminate the new message.
  • Speak up in your community, reach out to radio and television programs, and write to newspapers.
  • Get involved: Discuss the new message with colleagues, students, and friends.
  • Incorporate this message into college courses, seminars, and local school curricula.

It starts with you and your efforts to introduce the new message to your family and friends. Study the message, learn the message, and memorize the message. Point out the unique, inspiring elements of the new message that gives the world a new perspective.

Teach the new message in classrooms—emphasize the life cycle, and share the new message amongst college friends. Talk to teachers, professors, and students; educate the children. Speak up at open mics and spoken word venues and tell the story of Epiphany. Make phone calls, send texts, tweets, and emails, hand out brochures door to door, and go to houses of worship.

Our goal is to make Epiphany the accepted explanation for our existence because, with this message, we will unite nations and guide the world toward global peace. So, follow the
Instructions for World Peace, start a forum to discuss the new message, link to this website, and create your own website to promote the new message.

"Share the new message, save the world."

Use your imagination, be creative, and improvise. Share this message with people in every country and every language. Help us spread the new message whenever and wherever you can. Take your place in history and be remembered forever. You and your colleagues will lead the world into a new future and build the foundation for a new civilization.

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Ideology evolves, and now that the new message has arrived, we no longer have to repeat the same old stories again and again. Now we have new material. This message is an upgrade to all old messages from a time when we believed in magic until today. Messages written long ago were meant for consumption by the people of that time. Now we have a message for this generation.

We no longer live in the past—no more camels in the desert, dusty scrolls, or stale wine. Now, we look forward to a new destiny as we prepare for the vast challenges ahead.

Over time, original texts are lost, stolen, or altered by men who use them for their own profit. The path, once straight and narrow, is now a road widened with bends and turns, and we lost our way. Splintered fragments and broken pieces of text are reconstructed into a message that is a mere shell of what it used to be. As a result, many messages live well beyond their intended years.

The old messages are getting old. Throughout history, most messages are lost and forgotten, relegated to the genre of superstition because of their supernatural elements. At the end of their journey, the aging messages pass the baton, and from the settling dust emerges a new message for the world. With the advent of a new message, many, if not all, elements of the old messages are now outdated and obsolete. Today, we begin anew with a message for this generation.

Many of the old books are guides of sorts, embedded with fables and tales. These great books were meant to be read by those intelligent enough to separate metaphors from reality. If you interpret the texts literally, the writings are flat and one-dimensional, limited to measurements applied by logic. When you read the scripts metaphorically, you breathe new life into them, and they become vibrant, multi-dimensional, and full of color. You must develop the skill to interpret narratives literally and figuratively and distinguish between the two. Extrapolate and expand upon their meaning by substituting ideas from the past with concepts of today.


Warning! When you are ready to open your eyes and wake up in the real world, read the answer: Read Leave.


How soon depends upon our success in delivering the new message to the world. If we can strengthen the foundation of the new message in our lifetime so that its words are spoken in every corner of the globe and Epiphany is accepted as the explanation for our existence, world peace will begin.

Depending on their culture and beliefs, people love this message to varying degrees; most reactions are immediate and profound because the new message opens their world to a new reality.

There are fringe elements. Some people are hesitant to adopt a new ideology because they are fervidly attached to their current religion; they believe we should never look forward and always look back, ignore the passage of time, and disregard new discoveries. They believe messages should only mimic those from the past, even if they are thousands of years old. They fear the unknown and are perplexed by an ideology not foreseen or foretold. Some people are challenged and simply unable to comprehend, while others may be mentally insecure or emotionally unstable and unwilling to tolerate change.

Those who cannot acknowledge the truth perceive Epiphany as a threat. Accepting the fact that your religion is superstition is difficult. Unfortunately, some people are more concerned about their egos than the truth. And regardless of the evidence, they will lie, cheat, and kill to preserve their beliefs. Ultimately, long-held superstitions will be exposed, and their continued faith will become untenable. It is only a question of time; if they do not alter course and arrive at their new destination in their lifetime, the next generation will.

Controversy and disputes will persist as long as men pursue power, wealth, and glory to stake their claim in history. We have yet to grow beyond our primeval emotional instincts. Eventually, these discords will come to pass as we grow and evolve. In an age when discovery is our principal impetus, we will live in peace.

"There are two types of people on this planet: There are those who seek the truth, and then there are those who fight to preserve their preconceived beliefs."

Also, see World Peace.

are we immortal what happens after we die


"We are the caterpillars who do not know they will become butterflies.

We travel through life as far as our vessel can go, and in the end, we shed this vessel and continue our journey to the next destination.

  • Definitions:
  • Corporeal – cor·po·re·al (kôr-pôr′ē-əl) adj. existing in bodily form
  • Incorporeal – in·cor·po·re·al (ĭn′kôr-pôr′ē-əl) adj. without a physical body
  • Incorporeal – in·cor·po·re·al (ĭn′kôr-pôr′ē-əl) noun, an immaterial thing, an incorporeal being

Corporeal space is part of the universe humans can perceive, inhabit, and engage with. Space that we cannot interact with is incorporeal space.

Death is the transition from corporeal to incorporeal. No longer of the body, the incorporeal is released into the universe and migrates to incorporeal space. Unbound, the incorporeal is free to traverse the universe.

Incorporeal space does not interact with material entities; thus, it is utterly incomprehensible to mortal beings. Eventually, we will evolve into entities capable of interacting with both corporeal and incorporeal space.

"Three caterpillars stroll through the park. Then, one day, Harry and Mary can't find Mo. So they scour the neighborhood, asking passersby. Moments later, they find Mo motionless inside a cocoon. "Oh no! Mo is gone. Mo is dead," they lament, "I'll miss you, Mo, my dear friend," and slowly walk away. As they weep, Mo takes to the skies on her wings. Harry and Mary cannot see because they are still caterpillars."


We are born of this planet—Mother Earth. This planet is born of this galaxy, and this galaxy is born of this universe. We are a part of this universe, and this universe is a part of us. We are not separate from this planet; we are a part of it. This is where we come from, and this is our home. The destruction we inflict upon this planet is destruction we do unto ourselves.

Likewise, as we venture into space, we must harmonize with the universe and behave like beneficial bacteria rather than invasive viruses.

"We are like tadpoles in a pond. We are the tadpoles, and the universe is our pond."

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