Three tadpoles wake up in a pond. One tadpole says, "It's a miracle! We were created by a great tadpole in the sky who is all-powerful and all-knowing. The Great Tadpole molded us from clay. He blew his breath upon the clay and gave us life. And when we die, we will worship the Great Tadpole for all eternity."

"NO!" shouts the second tadpole, "Everything happened by chance. A chemical reaction occurred when objects from outer space collided with particles on this planet, resulting in the birth of life. So, we are here by accident. And when we die, that's it. It's over."

The third tadpole explains to the other tadpoles, "This is a natural process. We will evolve and become whatever created us."

Which tadpole is correct?
  • Tadpole No. 1
  • Tadpole No. 2
  • Tadpole No. 3

There are two schools of thought: one is founded on nature and science, while the other is based on magic1 and alternate realities.

Which school of thought is correct?
  • The school based on nature and science
  • The school based on magic and alternate reality

What does the word "creator" mean to you?
  • God and creator are the same
  • Believing in a creator does not necessarily mean believing in a god
  • Something or someone who brings something into being
  • An energy or a force that creates and transforms; a source of life
  • One who creates


We are perplexed because we cannot comprehend the true process of our creation. However, natural processes created all life on this planet. We call it "natural" because we understand its progression. Once we decipher the code of our creation, we will discover it is natural, as well.

Observing nature provides explanations of our creation, and if there is no biological basis for the explanation, then the explanation is not real. Our creation is not an accident nor divine; it is a natural process.

"Develop clarity of thought. Do not be confused by ideology and ego. Simplicity is the secret to unveiling the truth."


On the one hand, there is religion; on the other hand, atheism, and the truth lie somewhere in between. At the start of my journey, I believed we were created by this universe. But in the end, I realized that something or someone created this universe, there is a purpose to our existence, and we were created to evolve.

Our ability to contemplate our existence is limited by our ability to comprehend. According to scientists, dinosaurs inhabited this planet for over one hundred and eighty million years, and we have been here a mere three hundred thousand years. Imagine the evolution of our ability to comprehend a million years into the future.

Let's go even further; imagine our abilities fifty million years into the future; imagine how much we've changed and how far we've evolved. Now, come back to today and compare our present abilities to our capabilities in the future. On the scales of evolution, we are seeds in a garden waiting to grow.


Epiphany evolved. In the beginning, there was the first epiphany.2



We were created by this universe. This universe is our creator or at least a tool of our creation. This planet was placed here in this galaxy to give birth to life and this life is an extension of the universe and it is our innate nature that drives us to find our creator.

As the search for our creator continues, we evolve. And then one day our descendants will come face to face with our creator and our creator will teach us how to create and then we will become creators and we will create universes.

This is my epiphany



It wasn't until after I completed my journey that I found the answer to my question—This universe is a tool of our creation.

"How do you create a universe? You plant a seed and watch it grow."

1 MAGIC – mag·ic | \măj′ĭk \ noun; an attempt to understand and use supernatural forces through rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, and language. Departing from what is usual, especially to transcend the laws of nature, achieving desired results through various controls of the supernatural, an effect that exceeds all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause, a miracle. Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster, The Free Dictionary, and

2Since religious people comprise 85% of the world's population, I decided to make Epiphany more welcoming to them. So, six months later, in December 2008, I amended the first sentence to begin with "Our creator." The result is the version of Epiphany we see today.

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