1. Show your Christian friend the new message
  2. They will either love it, or become speechless and incoherent
  3. That’s it, you’re done! You saved a friend from a lifetime of delusion and fantasy, and brought them into the real world, now do this for every Christian you know.
It’s not about opposing; it’s about awakening the world to a new reality.

The New Message

We were created by this universe. This universe is a tool of our creation. This planet was placed here in this galaxy to give birth to life and this life is an extension of the universe and it is our innate nature that drives us to find our creator.<

As the search for our creator continues, we evolve. And then one day our descendants will come face to face with our creator and our creator will teach us how to create and then we will become creators and we will create universes.

This message was conceived by observing nature and then extrapolating. It is based upon a sequence of events that occur naturally in nature and the foundation of the message is nature. Science is a useful tool, however, it is limited by the technology of that generation... read more.

Share this plan with all realists. Go here to print and download copies of the new message to hand out to your friends.

Note: When talking to your Christian friends or any Abrahamic religion, always use the "Abrahamic" version of the new message which you will find here. Also, visit the GALLERY to download and print the "Abrahamic" version of the new message to hand out to Christians and promote on websites and social media pages.

You can change the world, we are stronger if we stand united with a compelling message and work together for the same goals. We will make magic-based ideologies obsolete and guide the world into a new future. All we have to do is start a campaign to promote the new message... check out The To-Do List.

And now, for the first time, you will engage from a position of power, authority, and influence with a clearly superior message that easily sways the hearts and minds of Christians, as ancient archaic Christian beliefs are relegated to the realm of mythology and superstition.

You represent a new idea, a new message that changes the world. You need to be fully engaged and focused on the message, make it your own, and let it be the anchor that unites your group and binds us together. This message is powerful, even Christians cannot deny its validity and preeminence over their own beliefs. This message is an effective tool that weans Christians off of superstition and catapults them into the real world.

We need more people to join us, tell your friends and associates to share this message with the world. You will attract people with this positive, forward thinking, next-level message.


Everyone will never agree upon everything, but we can set goals that appeal to most of us, and follow a strategy to reach those goals. This message may not be the exact flavor of Kool-Aid you prefer, but it sure tastes a lot better than what you are swallowing right now.

Today, some of you are persecuted, bullied, disrespected and afraid, treated like outcasts, a pariah exiled to the fringes of society. You engage from a position of weakness, Christians talk down to you and you are no more than a lost soul with nothing to offer... you don’t have any answers, you don’t have a message, and your only argument is to oppose their beliefs.

You are spinning your wheels, running behind Christians trying to douse fires they lit a long time ago, playing their game by rules they wrote. However, the new message changes everything, now you stand for something, instead of being against religion without a viable replacement plan. When you represent the new message, you will never again have to argue against religion.

“A Movement without an inspiring message has already lost.”


The new message neutralizes many Christian talking points and leaves them without a counter argument. Use this message to your advantage. It is your most powerful weapon.

The main goal is to move Christians from a world of make-believe to the real world, however, some Christians demand continuity, so remind them that, “Christianity is reborn” and the new message is the answer they have been waiting for, as it transports them from the world they knew into a new reality.

There is no need to disparage anyone’s beliefs, but you can tell them you believe in reality and, "I don't believe in magic." You can also say, “If your belief allows you to believe in magical people, magical places and magical things, then what you believe is probably not real.”

“People are reluctant to jump into the abyss… we must make the landing as gentle as possible, and this message is the most comfortable cushion anyone is going to get.”


If anyone says, “It’s not new” or “It’s just like the Mormons,” ask for the specific, detailed information they are referencing. This discourse is usually a refusal to accept the inevitable, a desperate attempt to remain relevant, as their reign of supremacy comes to an end. They are afraid, and deceive themselves to numb fading into obsolescence. Their fear is part of the process of saving them from themselves.

“We are in the dark ages. We live in a world as superstitious as it was over 9,000 years ago.”

Now you have everything. You needed a plan to win the debate and now you have one. Introduce the world to a new reality.


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