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Our goal is to help the world discover the truth of our existence and usher in a new era free of superstition. Today, we introduce a new message to the world: Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and all regions around the globe.

El took his message to the streets, where he spoke to the rich and homeless, bikers in bars, and men playing chess in the park. He visited colleges and universities and spoke to scholars, professors, and school presidents. He traveled to temples, churches, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship, where he talked with clergy and laity of varying beliefs, who now believe in Epiphany.


With this message, we can attain peace, and world peace is only the beginning. Help guide the world into a new future beyond global peace. Become an advocate and a symbol for the future. Please donate to help us share this message with the world. To donate, click on the donate button below.


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